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    Xiamen green reagent glass instrument co., LTD., in the name of "green", "green" on behalf of the green, green is a symbol of environmental protection, life, harmony, quality, health.
    "Environmental protection" : refers to the enterprise development at the same time, ensure the social and ecological green environmental protection, prevent pollution;
    "Life" : refers to the enterprise full of vitality, dynamic, thriving, standing;
    "Harmony" : refers to the green will always adhere to the "mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and reciprocity, and mutually promote complementarity and common development" principle, to achieve common development and harmonious way;
    "Quality" refers to "green service" and "green products", namely the considerate service and high-quality products;
    "Health" refers to let the green healthy growth of every worker, the worker and the enterprise with development, with growth.
    > vision: one, the company built in one hundred, to build national international industry the most complete the most professional supplier.
    > 2, the company business objectives:
    1, creating profits: enterprises only create profits can create value, only to create profits can get employees to share, to give back to society.
    2, customer service: we always to meet customer demand as our endless pursuit, only good service to our clients and meet customer demand, create value for customers, enterprises can be built to last.
    3, let a worker healthy growth: the worker and the enterprise development and growth, only in this way enterprises is healthy; We treat employees as our internal customers, let a worker healthy growth, is to create value for the worker.
    4, improve the management: continuously strengthening internal management, make the management more tend to humanization, scientific and refinement, to improve the work efficiency, improve business performance.
    5, the reasonable use of resources, limited resources, rational utilization of resources fully, to maximize resources, maximize the enterprise investment.
    > 3, company management concept:
    1, team management: we advocate team work, there is no perfect individual, but a perfect team, only team collaboration, can place in a competitive market.
    2, effective communication, we require more communication in the company, communication unobstructed, decisions can accurately and rapidly; Communicate effectively, in order to eliminate misunderstanding, reducing internal friction.
    3, encourage employees to learn: we encourage the worker to use a variety of ways to learn, how to participate in the training, only to build a learning organization, to keep pace with The Times; Learning to change thinking ideas, the right decisions from the right thinking.

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