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      general manager:Mr Luo

         Thank you very much for your visit to xiamen green reagent glass instrument co., LTD., the official web site, your concern has been the driving force of green growth.
    For more than ten years, our green people adhering to the "unity, integrity, solid, innovative" spirit of enterprise, down-to-earth, attention, from a little-known small businesses go today has been the opening of a branch office in Shanghai, zhangzhou and more offices, enterprise with considerable scale, target became a scientific experiment, teaching experiment, laboratory analysis, industrial production, chemical reagents, chemical raw materials, glass apparatus, analytical instruments, experimental apparatus, instrumentation equipment, labor protection articles of the most professional supplier.
    Green constantly can't thrive without friends care support, as well as all staff diligently enterprising, don't struggle. Because of this, green has been grateful friends from all walks of life, and always adhere to the focus on industry, using their own professional advantage consistently provide customers with "high quality, professional, fast and complete" perfect service; To provide better development for all staff, make more and more people live a better day with green; Strive for enterprises to do fine and stronger do big and long, for the local social and economic development, and their contribution to the national people's livelihood industry revitalization.
    Welcome often focused on our green web site!



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